Morning guys, I could use your help :)


Morning Guys,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the rare bit of sunshine and heat that some of us have had the pleasure of experiencing the last few days.

So my university degree is almost over, I cannot believe it, it has been 3 years of hard work, stress, laughter and learning.

I could actually use your help, if you are able to can you spare a few minuets to take part in my short survey   for my dissertation on trust in television news.



Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂









Weight loss journey

As a bigger lady, I never really had any intentions of loosing weight. There have been more times when I have been happier with my size, than times when I’ve been unhappy with it. However as my university course is coming to an end and I will soon be embarking and trying to find a job I love, I feel now is the right time to loose some weight. I have set myself a goal to try and get down to a size 12-14 by September, which is when I will graduate.

I’ve decided to start using this blog again and use it as a focus for loosing weight. I joined weight watchers just over a week ago and I must say as someone who has used other weight groups, this one seems to be really working for me. In my first week I lost six pounds, which for me was amazing and I am feeling so much more confident now.

So let me tell you a bit more about weight watchers. First of I must make it clear I am not being paid by weight watchers of anything to write this post. It doesn’t work for everyone but so far it is working out for me. When you start you are given log in details for online, if you choose the online plan as well as the meetings. You can access the app as well, which is amazing and I use it around six times a day.

Pretty much every food/meal is on the app, you click on the item and it will have smart points next to it. When you first start you are given a number of points you should aim at  using each day and then there are the weekly points which can be used if your going out for a meal or fancy a treat. My daily point allowance is 26, with a weekly 42.

It is a really great way to keep track of what your eating and you don’t have to starve yourself. You can essentially eat what you like. I have been eating the stuff I love, like lots of vegetables and potatoes, yes potatoes!

I hope you will continue to follow my weight loss journey, please feel free to comment or get in touch with me








So I love the idea of getting on a train to where ever, with my Fiorelli laptop bag in one hand and a Starbucks in the other. Of-course they need to be joined by a sophisticated wardrobe to match. It just makes me feel amazing. I guess it’s the idea of looking like you’ve made it, well it is for me anyway. Every morning I would pick out one of the outfits that I spent quite a fair bit of money on leading up to my work experience and feel completely different to when I’d wear if I was popping into town.



So before work experience you get told that if you don’t make everyone a cuppa on the first day then don’t bother going back kinda thing.  Well you work as a team, you make tea, they offer tea, its a 50/50 job.



By all means if you can afford it buy your 4 Starbucks a day and spend near on a tenner on lunch. But you will save a tone of money taking your own lunch and most places will have a kitchenette with a fridge and microwave, so pasta’s and rice get the thumbs up.



This is quite an important one especially for us ladies. If you know you are going to be inside for the whole time at your work experience than wear whatever shoes you like, as long as you are comfortable. I have been fortunate to be doing work experience placements in journalism, and have been asked to go out and interview people and so on. In this type of career you never know when your going to be asked to go out and how far you may need to travel. So remember ladies it is important ladies to consider your footwear with caution.



Whether your in a salon learning the ropes for a week or at a magazine, take notes. You are on a learning experience. You will need to take notes at some point.



Make sure you know your work experience placement. Even if you Goggle them or just look at their web page. Don’t turn up not knowing anything about them, it’s really unprofessional. Make sure you know there style and a bit of their history.



Make sure you add the people you’ve worked with to your e.mail contacts, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. It’s good to make contacts for yourself, so in the future you may be able to go back and get a job or help with something and so on. They may come in handy to know and be able to contact.

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Tea time at Shelly’s

Hi guys,

I had some time to spare after arriving at location early on my weeks work experience with ITV Meridian, so  I had a little wonder around St Margarets at Cliffe, just of off Dover. This is where I found the quaint Shelly’s tea room. With a colourful and bright blue exterior that matches the colour of sea,  it is the most adorable little gem in a magnificent surrounding with views to die for. On this particular day I could see the French coast line so clearly it was like it was 10 mins away.

Serving a selection of teas, from the classic English Breakfast Tea (my personal fav) , Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Peppermint and many more, to long to list, as well as coffee and soft drinks, you will have plenty to choose from. There is also a range of homemade cakes, which just all looked to scummy to eat including my favourites country carrot cake and classic Victoria sponge.

The great thing about Shelly’s is that they offer a range of food as well, from jacket potatoes, to salad, to curry’s and hot breakfasts. There is also a range of fresh delicate finger sandwiches and baguettes.

For more information on Shelly’s I have put a link below.

Shelly’s tea rooms







Just a little post to say…

Hi guys this is just a little post to say I’m back so you can expect some new posts very shortly.

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long, but I moved into my new student property and I’ve literally only just got internet.

Some exciting news though I have been trying out a load of new beauty products over the summer, and I cannot wait to share some of my favourites with you ❤

So keep tuned.






As the sky is bright blue I decided to match my eyes.


‘Benefit they’re real’ mascara blue
I only wear this mascara now and then when I feel like adding a splash of colour to my face. I absolutely love how vibrant it is and it really suits people with blue eyes.

A blue eyeliner which I purchased on my travels in southern France.  It’s a slightly darker shade then the mascara itself which works really well.




I know I’ve been absent for a while and I can only apologise. This post consists of three new beauty products that have honestly stolen my <3.


Laura Geller New York – Baked Mediterranean Bronzer – Moroccan Bronze 

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you will know how much I love Laura Geller makeup and this bronzer is no exception. Normally I’m not a girl who ventures into the bronzer world but I decided to give this one a go and well I love it! Its subtle enough for me, which is what I love and it lasts as well. Another thing I love  is that it is honestly designed with style in mind. Just looking at it honestly make a little grin appear on my face, especially with the added bonus of a little mirror.



Leighton Denny – Miracle Mist – Speed drying spray for nail polish

Whenever I paint my nails they end up smudging within a minute or so because Im such a clumsy person and impatient so never wait for them to dry properly. If your like me then this product is perfect for you. I received this product in my monthly ‘Glossybox’, and well I was a bit skeptical at first. But I was definitely proven wrong. Honestly if I had known such a product existed before I would have purchased it. It really does work girls!



George at ASDA – Matte primer matte

I’m a student so where I can save money I will. This primer is something that I’ve bought about three times now and I thought it was about time it deserved some recognition on my blog. I used to spend a fortune on primers but honestly I wont be any longer, because this little gem of a primer works just as well. Some days I’ve just worn it instead of any foundation. It’s such a silky smooth texture as well and lasts me all day even in the heat which I’ve had trouble with primers in the past with before.







Get the look!

Since coming to university I’ve hardly had time to use this blog at all. Instead Ive been concentrating on my university blog here check it out. 🙂

Finally yesterday evening I had a spare few hours and decided to play around with some of the makeup I got at Christmas.


Isn’t this shirt cute 🙂

In this image Im wearing a mix of Laura Geller (My absolute favourite makeup brand), Rimmel, Benefit, Revlon and Barry M.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer Transparent 0 – £6.99

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation True Ivory 103 – £7.99

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder Transparent 1 – £3.99

Laura Geller Blush N Brighten Golden Apricot – £23.00


Revlon Photoready Eye Primer and Brightener – £9.99

Laura Geller Baked Creme Glaze Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette – £35.00

Benefit they’re real! Lengthening Mascara – £19.50


Barry M lip Line Wine 7 – £2.99

Barry M Lip Paint Vicious Violet – £4.49






Miss Plus size UK

So on a whim I decided to enter for Miss Plus Size UK. Ive always been interested in the pageant event, but in the past I’ve never had the confidence to actually go ahead and enter.

Since coming to university this year I feel a lot more confident about myself as a whole and I’m ready to let the world see that.

The entry for the competition closes in February and then the final is held around September time. Its in its really early stages. Im not going to get my hopes up, Im just happy that I have had the courage to at least see how it goes.


Wish me luck! 🙂





Hi Guys,

So I had to open up a new word press site

 for one of my modules at university and I really need your help. Although the content isn’t exactly thrilling, if you could please give it a follow it would be much appreciated.